Monday, August 4, 2008

Down The Memory Lane


Tadaaaa.... can you still remember these?

The unknown (blame me... I'm 'amnesia'!) (Credit to CeritaDenganAnak)

The current favorites! (okay.. okay! I'm still watching!). Me and my husband share many things in common including watching the above animes or cartoons. He made me fell in love with Naruto (vice versa by watching Desparate Housewives! Hahaha). I'm so lucky and it's always fun to be with a 'best friend' (alhamdulillah) who is not-that-mature in some cases.. if you know what I mean...

Let me tell you something, She-ra is a twin sister of He-man (bataknya aku tak tahu sebelum ni). Thundercats, Voltron & He-man are now being re-broadcast on TV2 & TV9.